lauren's bungalow kitchenette with granite counters diamond tiled floors and dwell studio geometric vase
lauren's bungalow bathroom with dwell studio elephant window decor and urban outfitters shower curtain
lauren's bungalow exterior shot of lauren on white entryway stairs
lauren's bungalow custom bed pillow with thai silk scarf and Icelandic natural un-dyed wool tassels
lauren's bungalow pottery barn marble and metal nightstand with antler decor and hanging shell piece
lauren's bungalow with thrifted refinished dresser and custom acrylic cube planter filled with white sand
lauren's bungalow lauren outside along lemon and lime covered white picket fence
auren's bungalow exterior shot with lauren henno outside on the sidewalk entryway surrounded by greens

©2017 Lauren Christine Henno
Photography by Alex Vertikoff
Photography by Matt Wier